App dashboard

Isracard Group, Israel's leading credit card company with over 40 years of experience in the field.


The old dashboard application did not meet modern standards in terms of functionality and design, leading to decreased user productivity and difficulties in data interpretation. Therefore, a redesign was necessary to improve the system's efficiency and visual appeal.

Redesign app dashboard, Iconography, Accessibility


UX/UI designer


Redesigning the application dashboard and creating new features to ensure an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our objective is to deliver a modern digital solution that streamlines business management from any location. We focus on developing an innovative platform that improves user interaction with data and optimizes workflow processes.

Research and analysis

Before starting the design process, we conducted comprehensive user research, analyzed competitors, and examined parallel markets. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of user needs and preferences, as well as identify current industry trends and best practices.

Visual consistency on the homepage

We aimed to make the application's design visually aligned with the desktop dashboard design, so that users feel comfortable using the app without feeling like they are using a different product that requires additional learning. However, we made some adjustments by adapting elements to better suit the mobile environment and ensure a more convenient and intuitive interaction with the features, particularly on the homepage.

Data visualization

By studying the market and analyzing leading solutions in this area, inspired by top companies, we expanded the app's functionality by adding visual data charts for better information perception. These innovations help users analyze key business data more quickly and effectively.

What's new added

Our task was to develop new features for the application, such as "Face Recognition," "Fingerprint," and "Quick View," to enhance its functionality. We conducted research and carefully designed each feature to meet specific user needs and improve overall interaction with the application.

Security and convenience

We added "Face Recognition" and "Fingerprint" features to speed up the identification process and provide a high level of security for users. These innovations help improve the user experience and protect data privacy.

Feature Quick View

We developed a registration process for the 'Quick View' feature, allowing users to log in with a single click and view their credit and purchase turnover data. We created a registration process for clients who are not yet registered in 'Quick View' and designed screens for clients already registered in the system. Our approach aimed to ensure maximum simplicity and convenience for users. Thanks to this process, users can quickly access the necessary information, significantly enhancing their interaction with our service.


In this project, I fulfilled the role of a UX/UI designer in a team that included UX designers, a product manager, and programmers. I was responsible for developing the user interface and aimed to create a clean and light design, drawing inspiration from contemporary trends and industry best practices. This project provided me with valuable experience in designing mobile interfaces and significantly enhanced my UX design skills, enabling me to better understand user needs and improve their interaction with the application.